Junior Mites


Please refer to the Inter league General Rules for full details of all Interleague rules.    This document highlights only those rules specific to Jr. Mites and new rules implemented in 2016.

No player is to sit more than 1 consecutive inning.   Coaches will ensure that every player sits out one inning before any player sits out two innings.

If a game is called by an official due to inclement weather, two complete innings played will constitute a full game played.

Contact with coaches and umpires to reschedule cancelled or rained out games must be made within two weeks of the cancellation/rain out.

The objective for the Jr. Mite division is to create rules that allow children to learn and play softball in a safe and fun environment where consideration is given to their stage of growth and motor development. With this in mind, it has been decided that a game of 5 Pitch will be played for the entire season.

For the months of May and June, players will be encouraged to learn proper pitching technique.   It is recommended that the first three pitches be thrown by the player and at the discretion of the coach; the final two pitches may be thrown by the coach.

No walks will be allowed. If the batter has not hit a fair ball after 5 pitches, the batter will be called out.   There will be no pitching to the opposing team for the season. Each team will pitch five pitches to their own teammates.   Pitchers are not to field the ball or interfere with the defensive team. The defensive player at the pitching position should stand at the minimum pitching distance of 30' and no closer.

Should the batter hit the ball and it hits the teammate or the coach, who is pitching, the umpire will call a "dead ball" and the batter will get one re-pitch regardless of how many pitches have already been thrown to the batter.   Any further hit balls that interfere with a defensive player will result in the batter being called out.  Each team will be allowed one re-pitch per game under these circumstances only.

For July and August, all 5 pitches must be delivered by a player. Coaches are encouraged to allow as many players as possible to try to pitch.

Coaches should encourage batters to make attempts to hit any pitched ball that appears to be near the strike zone. Note that hand-eye coordination and distance perception are not yet well developed for most children at this age. At this age, the goal is to have the player hit as many balls as possible. The goal is to have 5 pitches delivered that can be hit.

Dropped third strike rule does not apply in this division.

The infield fly rule does not apply in this division.

A batter becomes a runner if within 5 pitches; the ball is hit into fair territory The batter is called out if the ball is not hit into fair territory within 5 pitches.
There is no stealing permitted.

The play stops when the ball is returned to any infield player.  Umpires will call time to notify that the play has stopped. 
Runners cannot advance on an overthrow to the pitcher from the catcher.


Championship & Playoff Games

Championship games will consist of 4 full innings.

Playoff games leading up to the Championship games will be regular timed games

For Playoff games, the home team bats in the bottom of the 4th, even if ahead (in case tie-breaker is needed), but not if ahead in Championship Game.


These rules align with Softball Canada’s Minor Softball rules and Long Term Player Development (LTPD) guidelines.
It is our goal to foster enthusiasm, positive team sportsmanship and softball skills.
A progression model of rule implementation has been adopted with these goals in mind.

We strongly endorse the Learn to Play development program and encourage coaches to use the Level 2 program for pre-game warm up and practices.

Make it Fun!