Please refer to the Inter league General Rules for full details of all Interleague rules.    This document highlights only those rules specific to Intermediates and new rules implemented in 2016.

No player is to sit more than 1 consecutive inning.   Coaches will ensure that every player sits out one inning before any player sits out two innings.

If a game is called by an official due to inclement weather, two complete innings played will constitute a full game played.

Contact with coaches and umpires to reschedule cancelled or rained out games must be made within two weeks of the cancellation/rain out.

Any one pitcher may pitch a maximum of four innings or the equivalent of 12 outs.
If the same pitcher hits two batters in an inning, the pitcher must be removed from that position for the remainder of that inning.

No intentional walks.

Batter must have one strike before they can walk (this reduces the numbers of walks for the defensive team).

Bunting is permitted.

Dropped third strike rule applies.  The batter may run on the third strike if the catcher misses or drops the ball, provided that first base is not occupied and there are less than 2 out. When there are 2 out, first base may be occupied and the batter can still run on a dropped third strike.


Infield fly rule applies. An infield fly will be called and the batter will be automatically out when first and second or first, second and third bases are occupied and a fair fly ball is hit within the infield area and there is less than 2 out.

Stealing is permitted and base runners can advance when the pitched ball crosses the plate.

Sliding is allowed.

The ball is alive and in play until the pitcher has control of the ball or the umpire calls time.

On an overthrow out of bounds all runners are awarded two bases.

Championship & Playoff Games

Championship games will consist of 5 full innings.

Playoff games leading up to the Championship games will be regular timed games

For Playoff games, the home team bats in the bottom of inning 5, even if ahead (in case tie-breaker is needed), but not if ahead in Championship Game.


These rules align with Softball Canada’s Minor Softball rules and Long Term Player Development (LTPD) guidelines.

It is our goal to foster enthusiasm, positive team sportsmanship and softball skills. The previous adaptations and exceptions were implemented with these goals in mind.

Make it fun.