Inter League

Minor Softball Inter League General Rules


Interleague Rules 

Softball Canada has developed a set of rules recommended for minor aged players.  Softball Ontario encourages all house league associations to adopt these stage specific minor softball rules.  The Interleague reps from each centre have reviewed the Softball Canada Minor rules and have incorporated the existing interleague rules along with the approved new rules for interleague play in Scugog.    Where there is any discrepancy between Softball Canada and OASA rules these interleague rules takes precedence. 

For more information about the Long Term Player Development Model and rationale for specific minor softball rules, visit Softball Canada’s website at

In the interest of safety, fair play, sportsmanship and player development our three area associations have agreed on the following rules for interleague play.  These rules apply to all divisions unless specified.  There are also rule sheets specific to each Division provided to coaches at the beginning of each season.


RULE Playing Field

Applies to

Details and further explanation

Base Path Distance







Jr. Mite, Mite






Intermediate, Senior


Pitching Distance




Jr. Mite




















10” soft core/blastballs

Learn to Play


11” indoor ball

Jr mite

Each association will provide indoor balls to Jr Mite teams.

Red Dot 11” softball (COR.47)

Mite, Squirt

Each association provides regulation softballs for all teams and only these balls shall be used for games.

Red Dot 12” (COR.47)


Each association provides regulation softballs for all teams and only these balls shall be used for games.

Grey Dot 12” (COR.47)


Each association provides regulation softballs for all teams and only these balls shall be used for games.




All bats must be “Official Softball” bats and should be appropriate for age and size of players

Recommended bat sizes:

All divisions

It is recommended that teams only use the bats supplied by their Association. Bats may be randomly checked by umpires and only the umpire has the authority to disqualify any bat and remove it from the game. Adult bats should not be used by children in house league.




Blastball base will be used as the first base

Learn to Play

Coaches may use the blast ball base at their discretion for other skill building as well.

Double base will be used at first base

Jr. Mite, Mite, Squirt, Intermediate, Senior

Use of the double base:  if there is a play being made or attempted to be made at first, the runner must touch the outside red/orange bag, or they will be called out; the defensive player must touch the inside white bag or the runner will be called safe.  If there is not a play being made at first base the defensive player must move out of the way and cannot interfere with the runner.  The runner may touch the inside white bag whether advancing to second or staying at first.

Player Equipment



All batters will wear a batting helmet with CSA approved face guard and strap done up while at bat and on base

Jr. Mite, Mite, Squirt, Intermediate

Helmets with straps are mandatory for all divisions.  Face guards are optional for Seniors playing Slo Pitch

Optional for defensive pitchers and players to wear protective equipment(helmet, face guard)

All divisions


Optional for any player to wear a mouth guard

All divisions


Recommended that players wear athletic support and protection (jock)

All divisions


Catchers must wear all safety equipment provided by their association

All divisions

Catchers in Senior Division must catchers’ mask or helmet with a face guard.

All players must wear a team jersey and ball cap as provided by their association

All divisions

Players must wear their team sponsored jersey as issued by their association.  In cases where the jersey is lost/forgotten, players may wear a jersey the same colour as the team jersey. Substitute hats are only allowed in Senior division and must be in good taste and must be removed if directed by the Umpire.

Long pants must be worn by all players

All divisions

Players not dressed appropriately shall not be permitted to play.  Coaches are responsible to ensure players are dressed appropriately to play in a sports activity

Proper footwear must be worn by all players and coaches on the field

All divisions

Sandals are not permitted

All jewelry must be removed-Medical alert bracelet and necklaces are the only exception

All divisions

In Jr mite and up, umpires will issue one warning to player or coach.  Repeat offenders at bat will be called out and the player will be removed from the game until the jewelry is removed. 

RULE-Coaches, Players and Substitutions



Offensive and defensive coaches are permitted on the playing field

Learn to Play, Jr Mite

This is to assist players with learning the game.  Jr mite games are 5 pitch with coach assist pitching

A minimum of 7 players will constitute a team.  There must be at least 7 players present when the game starts. If at any time before or during the game a team cannot field the minimum 7 players, the game may continue, and will be recorded as a forfeit for the affected team. 

Jr. Mite, Mite, Squirt, Intermediate, Senior

The umpire will announce at the beginning of the game that it is a forfeit.  Although a loss will be recorded for the forfeiting team, coaches may agree to borrow/lend players and conduct an unofficial game.  Even when a seventh player shows up after the start of the game, it will still be a forfeited game.  If both teams have less than 7 players, the results of the game will not be reported.  A game for the purposes of standings should be rescheduled.

Maximum of 10 defensive players will be allowed on the field.

Jr. Mite, Mite, Squirt, Intermediate, Senior

A team may field 10 defensive players even when the other team has less than 10 players.

When playing with less than the maximum number of players, there are no automatic outs. 

All divisions

If a player has to leave the game for any reason there will not be an automatic out recorded when it is that player’s turn at bat.  The next player in the batting order will continue in the batting order.  Once a player leaves the game they cannot reenter the game.

Coaches may call up players from any house league team from the division immediately below when the coach believes he/she may have insufficient number of players(less than 9).

All divisions

Call up players may be used for regular season, playoff and championship games.  Call up players will play even when regular team players show up unexpectedly.  Call up players shall wear their own team jersey to identify them as a registered call up player.  It is not appropriate to call up a player from a lower division for the sole purpose of improving your team.

Unlimited defensive substitutions

All divisions


Unlimited offensive substitutions

All divisions

Substitute runners must be the last available from the batting order and can only be substituted after the runner has reached base safely and time out must be called prior to substituting the runner.

RULE- Playing Time



No player is to sit more than 1 consecutive inning.  Coaches will ensure that every player sits out one inning before any player sits out two innings

All divisions


Coaches are encouraged to play all players as equally as possible over the course of the season

All divisions


RULE-The Game



Practices/Modified games do not last for more than 1 hour

Learn To Play


Game time is 6:30 pm sharp and shall be completed no later than 8:10 pm

Jr Mite, Mite, Squirt, Intermediate

There is no grace period to the game start time.

A new inning will not start after 1 hour 15 minutes after the scheduled start time

Jr Mite, Mite, Squirt, Intermediate

Umpires will call "last inning" at approx. 65 min mark.

Game time is 8:30 pm sharp with no time limit on the game


A full 7 innings will be played. Innings 1 – 6: Max 5 runs per 1/2 inning. Inning 7 is OPEN.

In case of weather or cancellation of a game by an official and when two innings have been completed,  the score of the game will revert to the last fully completed inning

Jr Mite, Mite, Squirt, Intermediate, Senior

Two complete innings played (1 1/2 if home is ahead) will constitute a full game played in the event of a called game.

Five (5) run maximum per half inning with the exception of the open inning 

All divisions

Open inning is unlimited runs.

Open inning will be called at the beginning of the final inning as determined by the Umpire

All divisions

The umpire will announce at the beginning of the final inning that it is the open inning.  For all divisions except senior this will be at about the 65 minute mark.  For Senior the open inning will be at the beginning of the 7th inning.

A team is permitted unlimited offensive and defensive conference per inning

All divisions

The umpire may limit the number of conferences if he/she believes the coach is using the conferences to delay a game.  Coaches are expected to use this rule only as opportunity to provide coaching to the player.

Regular season games may end in a tie

All divisions


Games may be cancelled by a coach only in the event of expected player shortage(less than 7)

All divisions

The opposing coach must be notified of the cancellation at least five (5) days in advance of the game date.  It is the responsibility of the cancelling coach to notify the Umpire Scheduler to cancel the umpires and to make arrangements to reschedule the game. 

Games cancelled due to weather must be cancelled by 5:00 pm.

Notification  must be sent to teams and Umpires by 5:30 pm



All divisions

Games may be cancelled by staff of Scugog Township due to inclement weather conditions.  These cancellations will be posted on the Township website by 4:30 pm.     Interleague reps will be responsible for cancelling games due to poor weather in cases where the Township has not posted a cancellation.  Once the decision has been made to close the diamonds due to weather, all games scheduled on the designated diamond will be considered cancelled even in cases where the weather may improve over the evening.

Coaches or team reps must contact players to advise of game cancellations.   If no contact is made by 5:30, coaches and umpires are to assume the game is on and to show up at the assigned diamond.  Umpires still have the authority to call the game at any time he/she feels the diamond or weather presents a safety issue.  

Coaches should not cancel games due to poor weather without consultation with Interleague reps or unless the umpire fails to show.

Cancelled games will be rescheduled by the Home team coach.  

Rained out and cancelled games  should be rescheduled and played as soon as possible

All divisions

Contact with coaches and umpires to reschedule must be made within two weeks of the rained out/cancelled game. The cancelling coach or the home team coach for rain outs will provide two reasonable dates for a rescheduled game.  If the opposing team does not accept the rescheduled game within one week the opposing team will forfeit.  If the cancelling or home team coach for rain outs does not contact the opposing coach within two weeks, the cancelling or home team coach will forfeit.  The game may be played based on availability of both teams and diamonds.  Cancelled games not played will result in 0 points awarded to both teams.  In the case of forfeit due to no contact, the “winning” coach will report the win to the statistician.




Coach pitch/5 pitch

All 5 pitches may be delivered by the coach or the coach may determine a combination of player pitches and coaches pitches-See Jr Mite rules for further details

Jr Mite

Pitchers are not to field or interfere with the defensive team.  The defensive player at the pitching position should stand at a minimum distance of 30’ and no closer.


A pitcher is allowed to pitch a maximum of three innings or the equivalent of 9 outs

Mite, Squirt


A pitcher is allowed to pitch a maximum of four innings or the equivalent of 12 outs



If the same pitcher hits two (2) batters in an inning, he/she must be removed for the remainder of that inning

All divisions





Walks are allowed

Mite, Squirt, Intermediate, Senior

A batter must have one strike before they can take the walk

No intentional walks

All divisions


All players bat and are included in the batting order

All divisions


Players who arrive after the start of the game will be placed last in the batting order and bat their turn and will be allowed to play regardless of when they arrive; even when the team has already gone through the batting order. 

All divisions

This includes a 7th player who arrives after the start of the game. The game remains a forfeit for the team who had less than 7 players at the start of the game.

Bunting is not permitted

Jr Mite, Mite, Senior


Bunting is permitted

Squirt, Intermediate


RULE-Base running



Third strike rule is not in effect

Jr Mite, Mite, Squirt


Infield fly rule is not in effect

Jr Mite, Mite


Runner cannot steal bases; he/she can only run when the batter makes contact (no stealing)

Jr mite, Mite

Stealing will be gradually introduced at Mite.  See Mite rules for more details.

Base runners may steal on any legally pitched ball when it has crossed home plate

Squirt, Intermediate


A player can only advance one base on a steal attempt



Player cannot advance to home on a steal, passed ball or wild pitch-must be batted in or forced home by a walk or as part of a continuation of a play (ie. Overthrow)


Stealing will be gradually introduced at Mite.  See Mite rules for more details.

Sliding is allowed

Mite, Squirt, Intermediate, Senior

Sliding into home is not allowed at Senior-See Senior Slo Pitch rules for more details.

Following a fairly hit ball, the advancing of runners is considered ‘over’ when the ball is returned to any player in the infield (inside the base paths).  Runners may continue to the base they are heading to and the fielders may attempt to throw/tag the runner out

Jr. Mite, Mite

Jr umpires will call time to stop play

Runners do not advance on an overthrow to the pitcher from the catcher

Jr. Mite, Mite


RULE-Umpires/Code of Conduct



Plate conference will take place at the beginning of each game

All divisions

Prior to each game the plate umpire will conduct a plate conference with the coaches of both teams to clarify the diamond boundaries, confirm the number of players present and clarify any other rules the umpire feels need to be clarified. 

Respect My Game

All divisions

Respect My Game codes of conduct will be enforced by the umpire at all times

All coaches, parents, spectators and players are required to comply with the Interleague Codes of Conduct.  Non-compliance will result in disciplinary action determined by the Interleague Disciplinary Committee in accordance with the Interleague Disciplinary Policy.

Umpires must wear all safety equipment including chest protector and mask


Umpires are provided with chest protectors, leg guards and masks. Umpires must provide their own safety footwear and other safety equipment.  Counters and whisks are not provided by the association.

The Umpire have the authority to delay, suspend  or call a game, at any time,  if they believe weather or diamond  conditions present a  safety concern

All divisions

In the absence of an umpire, coaches must mutually agree to delay, suspend or call a game if they believe weather or diamond conditions present a safety concern.

The Umpire has the authority to declare a forfeit to the offending team where there is abuse to the umpire by any member of the team including spectators.

All divisions

All three associations agree to a no tolerance policy on umpire abuse.  Coaches will be held responsible for the actions of themselves, their players and their fans.  The umpire will issue one warning should inappropriate behavior occur before or during a game.   A second offense will result in a forfeited game.  There shall be no abuse of umpires and all non-compliance will be reported to the Interleague Disciplinary Committee for review.




There are no protests or appeals

All divisions

Decisions of the Umpire on the playing field are final.  Coaches may request brief clarifications only.  Disagreements or arguments with the umpire directly are not permitted on the playing field or following the game.  Concerns about umpire performance maybe reported to the Umpire Coordinator.

RULE-Game Scores



All game scores must be reported to the league statistician within 48 hours of the game played

Jr. Mite, Mite, Squirt, Intermediate, Senior

Scores not reported within 48 hours will not be counted and league stats will indicate game not played.  Coaches will be advised at the beginning of each season how to report game scores.

All regular league rules apply for Championship games with the following exceptions:

RULE-Championship Games

Applies to:


Championship games will consist of a defined number of innings

Senior-7 innings

Intermediate-5 innings

Squirt-5 innings

Mite-4 innings

Jr Mite-4 innings

All games leading up to respective Championship games are regular timed games

Home team for playoff and Championship games will be decided by a coin toss

All divisions

For any division that has a round robin format and playoff games are required prior to the Championship day.


Home team for all championship games will be decided by coin toss. The coin will be tossed by the plate umpire and the call for the toss will be awarded to the team with the highest standing in regular league standings.

Round robin/playoff games must be played in full

All divisions

In the event tie breakers are needed to determine seeding for final Championship games

Championship games cannot end in a tie

All divisions

Additional innings will be played until there is a winner.   There will be no maximum run limit in any extra innings played to break a tie.

Diamonds will be properly prepared for Championship Day

All divisions

The host association will be responsible to line the diamonds, install the pitching rubber and will provide 2 new game balls for each game.