Tobacco Free Policy



Sport and recreation organizations play a vital role in the health and wellness of our community.   Children and youth model their behaviour after the people they look up to – coaches, leaders, family, and peers. Tobacco use counters the health benefits gained by participating in sport and recreational activities.  It is important for youth to receive the same tobacco-free messages at their local sport or recreation activities as they experience at school and in the wider community.


The Port Perry Minor Softball Association recognizes that there is ample research demonstrating the health hazards caused by the use of tobacco products, including smoking, smokeless tobacco and breathing second-hand smoke, and understand our responsibility to the participants of our program to model and promote tobacco-free lifestyles.

We stress to coaches, officials, parents, spectators, and all others involved, the importance of maintaining a tobacco-free environment while interacting with young people.


All games, practices, tournaments, clinics, and other events approved by our organization will be tobacco-free. Tobacco free means there will be no smoking, snuffing, dipping, or chewing tobacco by players, coaches, parents, spectators, and officials on the field or in the spectator area of the ball field during any event sponsored or endorsed by Port Perry Minor Softball Association.



This policy will take effect for the 2009 softball season.


We will promote the tobacco-free policy
at all our activities by:

  • Having coaches explain the policy to players and parents and ask them to explain the policy to their families and other fans who may come to games, practices or minor softball events.
  • Including the policy in the distribution of schedules/notices so all new and returning participants, their parents/guardians, coaches and officials/managers know about the policy from the start.
  • Making the policy visible throughout the year/season using various messages, including posters displayed at our ball fields and on our website encouraging coaches and fans to promote active, healthy, tobacco-free lifestyles.


We will reinforce the tobacco-free policy at all our activities by:


  • Encouraging all coaches, players and parents to respectfully remind someone using tobacco about the tobacco-free policy.
  • Politely requesting that the person stop using tobacco products during the minor softball activity.
  • Consistently applying consequences with people who repeatedly ignore the policy – repeated violations by players/coaches may result in a verbal and written warning from the association executive. Following a written warning the individual violating the policy again may be asked to leave the activity or game and the ball field area.