Police Check Policy


  • Screening of volunteers who have direct contact with youth is an important part of providing a safe environment and has become common practice for most recreational and sport organizations that provide programs to youth in the community.
  • The Ontario Amateur Softball Association recommends that all Leagues and local associations providing softball programs to youth adopt and implement a policy consistent with the OASA policy regarding screening through police checks within their memberships.
  • As an associated/affiliated member of the OASA, Port Perry Minor Softball inplemented the following policy in 2008.


Policy Statement

The OASA has recommended that police reference checks be required for all persons who work closely with youth and you occupy a position of trust and authority within the softball program. 

 It is the policy of Port Perry Minor Softball that:

  • Police Reference Checks (PRC) will be mandatory for all coaches and assistant coaches selected and approved by Port Perry Minor Softball Executive for any rep teams and all house league teams registered under Port Perry Minor Softball.  There will be no exceptions.
  • Failure to produce a clear PRC will result in ineligibility for a coaching position.
  • Port Perry Minor Softball will not knowingly assign any person as coach who has a conviction for a relevant offense as defined in this policy.
  • Police Reference Checks will be required at the time a coach is selected/assigned and will be valid for the duration of the coach's involvement with Port Perry Minor Softball.  Port Perry Minor Softball may at any time request that a person provide a current police check if there is reasonable grounds to believe the results of the PRC obtained previously are no longer accurate.
  • All PRCs must include a vunerable sector check to be valid.
  • Returning coaches will be required to sign a declaration each year to confirm the results of previous PRC or to declare any new convictions or charges pending since submitting the PRC.


Relevant Offenses

For the purpose of this policy a relevant offense is any of the following offences for which a pardon has not been granted:

  • If convicted in the last five years: any criminal offense involving the use of a motor vehicle, including but not limited to impaired driving or any violations for trafficking under the Controlled Drug and Substances Act.
  • If convicted within the last ten years: any crime of violence including but not limited to assault, or any criminal offence involving a minor or minors.
  • If convicted at any time: any criminal offence involving the possession, distribution or sale of any child related pornography; or any sexual offence involving a minor or minors.
  • Notwithstanding subsections a), b) and c), a first conviction for impaired driving will not be deemed to be a relevant offence, nor will a conviction for Level 1 assault, also known as common assault as defined in Section 266 of the Criminal Code.


In general, individuals with outstanding Criminal Code convictions or charges pending for certain offences will not be accepted for a coaching position with Port Perry Minor Softball.  These offences include, but are not limited to the following:

  • physical or sexual assault;
  • current prohibitions or probation orders forbidding the individual to have contact with children;
  • indictable criminal offences for child abuse, (no time limit);
  • outstanding convictions or charges pending for any violent offence, whether or not it involved weapons.

It should be noted that every volunteer, once accepted, is obliged to inform the Board Designate if he or she is charged, tried or convicted of any offence under the Criminal Code or under other provincial or federal statutes, if that offence is a relevant offense.


Volunteer coaches who are required to obtain a Police Record Check must deliver the original document, dated not more than 6 months earlier, to the Board Designate.  The Board Designate will review the PRC and determine whether it reveals any relevant offence.  If the document does not contain a relevant offense the Board Designate will notify the person in writing of the acceptance of the PRC and will return the original to the person.  If the PRC does contain a relevant offense the Board Designate will advise Port Perry Executive that the applicant is not eligible to coach. The applicant will be notified in writing and the original PRC will be returned to the person.The Board Designate will not reveal specific information from the PRC to any Executive member and will only report that there are relevant convictions disqualifying the person from coaching with Port Perry Minor Softball.
The applicant has the right to know why he or she is being refused, and may appeal to the Board Designate in writing for a review of their record. 

Record Keeping

The Board designate will not retain any copies of the PRC and will retain only copies of written records of communication with the person submitting PRCs and with the Executive of Port Perry Minor Softball.  Declarations that disclose convictions or charges pending legal proceedings will be returned to the person.  All records will be maintained in a confidential manner and will not be disclosed to anyone, except with the express written consent of the applicant.  Records will be retained for a period of three years following the departure of the coach from involvement with Port Perry Minor Softball.