President Dave Weller
Vice President  Jerry Smith
Treasurer Candace Loyst
Secretary Alana McFadden-Greaves

Jackie Dempster

Tim Griffin

Brent Herrington

Andy Lloyst

Tim Myers

Colleen Rasmussen

Todd Wilson






Chair/President– leads the meetings, acts as the ambassador of the executive committee and the Assoc. and when necessary acts as liaison with Council, Twp employees, other diamond users and other recreational associations.

Vice Chair/Vice President – shall perform all duties of the Chair in the event the Chair is absent or unable to act

Secretary – prepares meeting agenda and records and distributes minutes of meetings, arranges meeting dates and locations.  Maintains and updates Executive contact information.

Treasurer – maintains financial records and financial integrity of the association.  Maintains a record of all expenses and establishes a budget for annual expenditures.  Maintains a log of all deposits to operational account and ensures all fundraising efforts are deposited to savings account; ensures all operational bills and umpire payments are paid from the operational account, and all park enhancements, donations and capital costs are paid from fundraising account.  Responsible for accessing paypal payments for registration fees.  Provides regular reports to the Executive and prepares a year end financial reconciliation statement to be presented at the AGM.  Issues receipts for all sponsorship payments and registration fees upon request.